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      Open Q&A   12/03/2017

      Hello guys, We decided to have an open Q&A thread for you guys to ask us questions. Me and @Shields will be the ones to answer your questions. Feel free to ask anything and we'll do our best to provide an answer. Go to the Open Q&A thread >>
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Hello people, my name is Viccie and I'm 22 years old. I'm currently a Lead Game & Web Developer. As the name suggest, I will be making features and fixing bugs for V:RP.  In real-life I'm still going to the University and I'm studying Mechatronical Engineering, where I am in my third year. I also work as a part-time Software Engineer.

I've been a happy member of V:RP for about three years now and I will continue to be so. Hope to see you all in-game soon! If you have any questions, don't mind asking me anything, here or on Discord.

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