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recruitment Game Administrator - Illegal Roleplay

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Game Administrator - Illegal Roleplay

A game administrator for V: Role Play is a player entrusted with authority and commands to moderate the server and to assist in fostering a positive roleplay environment where all players on the server can have a positive experience while being free of negative experiences such as: in-game rule violations, toxic attitude, abuse of authority, bug abusing, trolling etc.

What you will do
You will work closely with Management (currently consisting of Fright and Shields), Developers and other Game Administrators to moderate the server. Within your specific role as a game administrator for illegal roleplay, you will be the instrument behind the creation, design and ongoing development of the illegal roleplay scene on the server as well as creating, designing and the on-going moderation of illegal roleplay scene branches such as the acquisition of narcotics, firearms and other contraband. You will encourage the illegal roleplay scene, moderate it, oversee illegal roleplay and act as out of character faction management relating to illegal roleplay factions including responding to complaints regarding illegal roleplay factions and overseeing the offical illegal faction system.

Furthermore, you will conduct all other generic game administrator duties such as answering in-game reports, enforcing rules, communicating with players and other prescribed duties.

What you will get
You will serve as an game administrator and get all perks, privileges and authority that comes with the position. You will also get the satisfaction of assisting the illegal roleplay scene flourish while encouraging a healthy and active illegal roleplay scene in the future. All effort and hard work you put into the position, you will see the outcome of.


  • Experience in the illegal roleplay scene.
  • Experience leading an illegal roleplay faction on a major roleplay server.
  • Ability to conduct yourself in a professional manner while representing the interests of the player base and the staff team.
  • Ability to brainstorm ideas and design concepts and systems relating to illegal roleplay.
  • Ability to broaden your vision as you will be the one to propose what a certain illegal roleplay feature will look like. Our ultimate goal is that you will be aligned with your vision.
  • Ability to moderate and take administrative action that is fair, consistent and in compliance with our internal game administrator guidelines.
  • Ability to conduct all duties in a professional manner while keeping in mind that we're all ultimately here for the players at the end of the day and not ourselves.
  • Experience in complaint handling and the ability to resolve complaints.
  • Basic communication skills in English.
  • Ability to dedicate time into the community.
  • Must not a staff member on another roleplay server.

How to apply
Please contact me over a forum private message. Introduce yourself, outline your experience in illegal roleplay and past serious/heavy roleplay and perhaps provide a 1-2 paragraph write up of what you hope to contribute to the staff team and ultimately the player base as a game administrator assigned to illegal roleplay. You can send me a forum private message by clicking HERE.

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