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recruitment Gameserver Developer

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Gameserver Developer

Game developers are a part of V: Role Play's development team. The team consists of two chapters, the "Front-end Chapter" and the "Back-end Chapter". This position belongs to the Back-end Chapter.

What you will do
You will participate in the design process of features, maintain the codebase of VRP's game server and fix bugs when decided. You will use the most recent technologies to develop the game server - TypeScript, Node.js, Socket.io and more.

What you will get
Whether you are a hobbyist developer or a professional, you will be introduced to professional ways of developing software. Our team works in a Scrum-like methodology where we divide work into sprints. You will be introduced to project management with JIRA, write code with TypeScript (Node.js) for our game mode and will have huge impact on performance and experience. You will be in a team of (currently 3) real-life Software Engineers, including team leads. If you are looking to become a professional developer, there is a lot to learn from all of us. Hopefully we can learn from you, too.


  • Experience with JavaScript development in ES6/ES2015. Bonus points for TypeScript experience.
  • Experience with developing back-end applications with Node.js.
  • Experience with the git version control system.
  • Writing clean code, documented when necessary, with taking performance into account.
  • Ability to follow a team-wide accepted style guide for your code.
  • Bonus points: experience (or willing to learn) how to use JIRA.

How to apply
Please contact me by sending me a forum private message. Introduce yourself, and make sure to include some of your work. We'll continue from there :)

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