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      Hello guys, We decided to have an open Q&A thread for you guys to ask us questions. Me and @Shields will be the ones to answer your questions. Feel free to ask anything and we'll do our best to provide an answer. Go to the Open Q&A thread >>


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  1. Looking forward to see the faction system in action, as well as all the UIs.
  2. Marcus.

    Hi everyone
  3. What Roleplay are you Interested in?

    The setting will be current day esque, depending on the coding possibilities that RageMP has to offer. The location will most certainly and from my latest information be Los Santos.
  4. Viccie

    I'm older than you :^)
  5. A working and proper Government faction dealing with politics and the other issues it usually deals with, even if it is just a city government.
  6. Marcus.

    MARCUS CURRENT POSITION: GENERAL GAME ADMINISTRATOR ABOUT ME: Hello I am Marcus, I currently am a Game Administrator for V-RP and thus will be concerned with your day to day problems, issues, and questions. I have about 7 years of community management experience under my belt, most prominently on Dayz Epoch and Arma I & II Sahrani Life. Apart from that I was part of the Administration and Tester Team on LS-RP previously. Few notable things about me: Played for multiple ESL teams in Battlefield 3/4, foremost in the 8v8 & 10v10 scene for Here4Beer & AllianceX. I am a part time DJ and producer of mashups Currently I am heading the Los Santos Police Department I assume, most people either already know, or will get to know me, hence I'll keep this short. So #raveon
  7. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT "TO SERVE & TO PROTECT" WRITTEN BY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE. ©2015 COMPILED AND APPROVED BY CHIEF OF POLICE MARCUS T.G. HOFFMAN DISCLAIMER: THIS THREAD CONSISTS OF OOC INFORMATION; THIS IS NOT A FACTION THREAD. INTRODUCTION This document, herein referred to as PUBLICATION #0001, shall serve as an insight into the City of Los Santos Police Department. Information within PUBLICATION #0001 has been authorized for public disclosure as per compilation order of the Chief of Police. Terminology: The Department - Refers to the municipal police department of Los Santos, the City of Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Document - Refers to a file written and approved by staff of the Department. Staff Officers - Any Officer above the rank of Captain FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions The City of Los Santos Police Department is the most prominent law enforcement agency within the State of San Andreas and one of the largest police departments of the United States of America. Whilst the Department has the main jurisdiction over the city of Los Santos, the Governor of the State has also issued the LSPD the permit to enforce the law within all counties and incorporated cities of Los Santos. Thus making the Los Santos Police the main law enforcement agency in the state. The Department's motto "To Serve and To Protect" is identical with the Los Angeles Police Department, which the LSPD has a close connections with. OVERVIEW OF THE DEPARTMENT'S ORGANIZATION *The roman letters in front of the Office/Bureau names signify their hierarchy level within the Department. I. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE Chief of Police Chief of Staff Chief of Operations Chief of Detectives Internal Affairs Group Media Relations and Community Affairs Group | II. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF OPERATIONS Chief of Operations Operations Central Bureau Operations South-West Bureau Operations North-East Bureau Director of Special Operations Special Operations Bureau Air Support Division Marine Support Division Metropolitan Division | II. DETECTIVE BUREAU Chief of Detectives Detective Support and VICE Division Gangs and Narcotics Division Robbery and Homicide Division | II. PERSONNEL AND TRAINING BUREAU Chief of Staff Recruitment and Employment Division Training Division FAQ: Q: Who is the current Chief of Police? A: Chief of Police Marcus Hoffman has been appointed as Acting (Interim) Chief of Police of the City of Los Santos Police Department. Q: Who are the current members of the Los Santos Police Department? A: The list of all current members is confidential and will not be released pre-server release. Any questions or concerns can and shall be forwarded to Marcus. on the forum. Q: How many ranks will the Department have? A: Eighteen (18), ranks have currently been established. Staff Officers are currently deliberating whether we should employ non-sworn staff as well. Q: What are your goals with this faction? A: Our goal is to create the best and most realistic replica of the Los Angeles Police Department to ever exist. Q: When can we expect a recruitment drive or the opening of the Department? A: We will release information regarding this when the time comes. However shall we not be able to hold a pre-server release recruitment drive (3 to 4 weeks before the launch), we will most likely open a recruitment drive shortly before the server launch (2 to 4 days before). Q: Is there a rank cap? A: Yes there is, once the faction is officially open to the public, members of the faction will have access to this information and will be made aware of these caps. The caps have been based upon the foundation of a democratic vote. In short this means, there can never be the same amount of yes and no votes when it comes to decisions effecting the Department as a whole. It will always be either a yes or a no. Q: Recruitment Questionnaire A: Due to the recent spikes of interest in the faction, the several questions and answers regarding recruitment have been summarized and will be answered below. The City of Los Santos Police Department has ceased recruiting staff actively for the time being, our team for the "planning/pre-server launch phase" is filled and we will not be looking into expanding it at any time soon. The individuals who have been elected and invited to join and help with this crucial phase have been handpicked by the Chief of Police and in cooperation with the server management, verifying their integrity and trustworthiness. It will be explicitly stated here: We are not looking into adding anyone anymore until the launch of the server. Please refrain from asking the current Chief of Police or any of the staff involved in this project, if you are eligible for invitation or not. The individuals currently working on the project have been given temporary assignments within the departmental organization and hierarchy, these as well as the ranking are subject to change at any time. Our staff has discussed the possibility of a pre-server launch recruitment drive and after deliberations we came to a positive conclusion. Once we have information regarding the server launch we will be preparing a system to staff the faction up appropriately. The moment we are aware of a timeframe for the server release, selected individuals will be approached and invited to join the department, through the usual process of preliminary application phase and academy phase. Upon completion they will be given a temporary assignment and will be evaluated on a weekly base. These invitations will be sent by Marcus. on the forums and only from that account to avoid confusion and minimize the risk of fake invites. Please avoid bothering staff of the faction regarding these issues, if we have interest in you joining our ranks in the pre-server launch phase (1 to 4 weeks before launch) you will be invited. We are monitoring everyone who voiced their interested in the department on a constant base. Previous experience on other roleplay servers is certainly beneficial however not a requirement in joining the faction, as the approach will differ from any MTA or SA-MP based police department thus making the experience itself unique. More information regarding the topic of recruitment will be released when the server is nearing release. Thank you for your understanding. ---------------------------- If you have any further questions that have not been included in the FAQ, you can post those below or send them via Private Message to me. However please take note of: I will not be answering questions regarding positions in the Department. If you are interested in joining, please wait for an official announcement to send me your resumeè. I will take opportunity here to add a personal note, I have received a multitude of PMs and Teamspeak queries regarding the topic of recruitment. As stated in FAQ, our faction is currently considered "full". I have put all efforts in motion to only select the best candidates for the positions they have been assigned, due to constraints in matters of organization and activity I personally, nor anyone from the current team, is looking into accepting anymore people at the current moment in time. I try my best to answer all the requests and questions in a timely manner however, sometimes this is not possible for me. At this point I would also like to add that it is not recommended, and never was, to inquire me about a position in the department whether that should be on Teamspeak or on the forums. Especially now that our positions have been filled, please understand I will not be answering recruitment requests anymore. It might seem harsh however, we strongly believe that when reading through this thread especially now in the updated version it should be bluntly obvious that we are simply not looking into adding anyone and that this is a definite answer to the question "Can I join right now?", regardless of their status within the community of V-RP. Best regards, CHIEF OF POLICE MARCUS T.G. HOFFMAN (MARCUS.) CITY OF LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT STAFF OFFICERS