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  1. What Roleplay are you Interested in?

    What kind of faction was it?
  2. Can't really say, I never knew their name anyway. They were creepy
  3. Trench

    I love the puppy, it is gorgeous!
  4. Adero

    Hi everyone! My name is Adero, I am 26y old and I live in Bulgaria, which is somewhere in Europe. I am currently a tester in V-RP and I am looking forward towards the good future of the V-RP community. Most of my roleplay experience comes from Valhalla Gaming, where I spent few years until the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. Afterwards, I played on various small servers and until now, I haven't spent much time in a community. See you all around!
  5. Back in SAMP I once noticed in a country RP server a faction of farmers of some sort, it was awesome, also unique. I'd love to see one of those in here as well.
  6. What Roleplay are you Interested in?

    From my past experience, I can say that even tho I roleplay a law obeying mechanic/citizen, I'd often break the laws and so on.. so it is fun that way as well. I am clearly not going around selling narcotics and firearms or say.. kill people, but I have fun.
  7. What Roleplay are you Interested in?

    I will try to get myself into the Fire Department, if I fail then I will be a mechanic.
  8. I've always wanted to see a working mechanics faction or something of the sorts, a faction with people, who are interested in that kind of roleplay. So far I've only seen such roleplay being used as a front for various illegal organizations, not to mention that it'd never be roleplayed in a nice way. I am also hoping to see a big Fire Department.