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      Hello guys, We decided to have an open Q&A thread for you guys to ask us questions. Me and @Shields will be the ones to answer your questions. Feel free to ask anything and we'll do our best to provide an answer. Go to the Open Q&A thread >>


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    Development Blog #2 - Enhancements & Contributions Welcome to our second devblog. We're happy to share the things we have been working on for the past few weeks. Team additions, welcome new developers! Let us welcome two new staff members who are also members of our Development Team. @Jan who was around since 2012 and was leading the development of LC:RP and V: Role Play in 2015, is back with us again. He will be slightly less development oriented and will be responsible for our Development Operations (DevOps), such as servers, automatic deployment, security and services. He will also act as an infrastructure consultant as he possesses a lot of experience in the low-level architecture field. On a personal level, he works as a Software Engineer for a big technology corporation in Berlin, Germany. @RanST who was also a staff member back in 2014, when we were working on LC:RP. He will do development on both client (UI Overlay) and server sides, but mainly UI. He is a very talented developer and specializes in front-end development in his career. Ran works as a Software Engineer in a technology company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although it's great that all of ours developers are either full-time Software Engineers or Engineering/Computer Science students, we are still looking for more developers who are willing to join an environment full of knowledge and professionalism. We encourage developers to check out our recruitment threads and reach out if they are interested in joining our team! Clientside Scripting - custom event handling library for V: RP The past two weeks I've enhanced our internal library for handling communication between the CEF instance (overlay), the client's V8 engine and our gameserver. This was not absolutely mandatory, but (without going too technical) the communication method between those parties provided by RageMP is very basic and does not scale very well (it's not meant to). I took the tools that RageMP provide us and created a library that is currently closed-source (considering making it open-source as well), that simplifies the way you communicate between those parties. The implementation makes it very natural for developers to perform UI operations that are dependent on the server as well. For example, if you send money to another player, the player will then be prompted to accept it. There is a lot going on under the hood (on the server's side). The main problem is the asynchronous nature of almost any action in game, the server not knowing exactly what happens when. Let's take the example of sending money to another player. These are the steps: 1. Verify that the sending player is near the receiving player, and that he has the amount of money he's trying to send. 2. Display a popup to the receiving player, waiting for him to accept. 3. Once accepted, next step. If rejected, show a popup to the sending player, notifying him about the receiver's rejection of the request. 4. Remove the amount of money from the sending player, add it to the receiving player. 5. Display a notification to the receiving player about his new money addition, same for the sending player. Those actions are almost always followed by some UI feedback, and that event pipeline is very hard to maintain with the default event handling methods provided to us by RageMP. The library makes it way easier to handle. What does it mean for you? It means that we have a solid system to build UI feedback upon. The amount of time that this is going to save us in the future is impossible to describe. You will be able to see that as soon as we start focusing on more UI implementations. More technical stuff for the technical people: Login Screen & UI Overlay Infrastructure After designing the system described above, I decided it's time to put it to the test. What better feature suits a test more than the login screen? Since it already existed as an operation, that was previously triggered by a command ("/login"), let's see how well it all works together. It all turned to work out like a puzzle, and within no time we had a functioning login system. That verifies our vision that features should first be implemented as command-based features, and when we have the time (and priority), we can enhance them into UI views. This took us more time than expected, due to the reasons described in the next section. Please bare in mind that this login screen was made in the last day before this dev blog was posted, and it's NOT final! Our login screen: This one issue. RageMP is immature, and we accept it. As I described before, V: RP's implementation on RageMP consists of three layers: the gameserver, the client V8 engine and the CEF instance (overlay). Communication between the server and the player's overlay (in the current setup) must go through the client's V8 engine, hence we refer to it as "the middle man". For the sake of good order (and from real life experience of most of us), we write our code both on the server and on the overlay (Angular) with a technology called TypeScript. This code must be compiler into JavaScript, which eventually runs on the gameserver/client V8/overlay. For the server and the overlay, everything is fine. Compilation process from TypeScript into JavaScript is not a problem. However, many parts of our code are modular and reusable (we maintain shared modules in our code repository, to prevent writing the same code twice). However the module resolution system of the client V8 engine doesn't work as expected. I've spent quite some time this week attempting to find a fix, and it was blocking me from proceeding with the things mentioned above. The RageMP team has confirmed that this is indeed an issue and it should be fixed, but I did not have an idea of how long it would take to fix it, therefore I started looking for an alternative solution (which I found), and I also reported the issue (and the solution) in RageMP's issue tracker and Microsoft/TypeScript's official repository as well. Right now, this is not blocking us anymore. Deep dive into containerization and continuous integration/deployment As we have a testers team and we start developing more features, I had to start looking into automating our deployment system for testing. The ideal way I want it to work is that once a feature is ready, it will automatically be deployed to a test server where testers can go and test it. This way, developers don't have to spend any time manually setting up servers. I've learned a lot about the world of containerization and I already have some neat ideas on how to improve our server's performance by taking advantage of containerization and microservices. This will need more planning, and is not my top priority though. The little things Those little things that don't deserve their own title: @Jan has implemented SSL certificates (https) to some of our services. We are also planning to apply it to the forum and eventually any service that we have, because security is key! @RanST is going through on-boarding and will start rapid development soon. @HBTV will finish his orientation around Angular and will be able to contribute to UI development as well soon. I will be done with a semi-intensive language course that I am taking in two weeks, then I will have way more time to dedicate to development. @Viccie started working on the Factions system. Basic operations such as creating, removing, managing ranks, inviting and removing members etc. are already existing. We'd rather post more about this at a later dev blog, when we have a fully-featured feature documentation and presentation. We had a multi-team staff meeting in which we discussed key matters of the community, set milestones and key features that should be present upon release. @Shields will post more about this meeting in the upcoming devblog after processing the input given by the staff members. RageMP 0.3.2 has been announced! Check out the official thread posted by the RageMP staff team. ________________________________________________ That's it for this week! Leave your comments below to show your support and tell us what you think.
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    Development Blog #1 - Setting up! Who doesn't like development blogs? We are going to make this concept on a bi-weekly basis. If we find development has become more rapid, we might even release it on a weekly basis. "Emregency Recruitment" Some of you already know. V: Role Play has existed for years. This time I decided to come back for RageMP. For me it was a bit scary even, as the ideal thing would be to have the same staff team as I had for years. At the beginning I was a bit worried, because first I wasn't sure if I could contact everybody again and get their contact information, and second I wasn't sure if they'd be interested to come back. TLDR; a week later we managed to restore our whole staff team from the past generation of V: Role Play. Everybody came back to their original positions and this is the best feeling for me, because we never had any drama. Our team is so solid, and I hope you players value this as much as we do. We are working like a racing car that was stored in a garage for a while. The racing season has begun, and the team is back to work on it. This is what I call an "emergency recruitment". The community forums My first goal was to establish the community forums so that the playerbase could gather up again. It was tough for me to decide whether to restore our old forum or start a new one. Eventually I decided to start a new one. Our playerbase is loyal to us, and our team is unbreakable. We believe the old players will come back quickly (we still have our whole database ready for mass-mailing as soon as we make some more progress), and we will manage to attract new players. If you were a member in the past and you wish to recover some of your old posts, feel free to visit the old forum. It has only the database, and the whole style is stripped off. The past two weeks we had to set up the community forums, the forum theme, the domains and our gameserver hosting. Those things sadly consume some time, but they're all set up now. We got our old domain (v-rp.com) back Giving up on our name (and legacy) was tough for me as our old domain (v-rp.com) was taken. So I decided to buy a new one (v-roleplay.net). But thanks to @Shields who was alert, we managed to retrieve this back. We're back to http://v-rp.com! Fun fact: I bought this domain even before GTA: V was released, when I had the plan to bring a GTA: V role play community to life. Roles, roles roles! When I decided to bring V: Role Play back two weeks ago, I hoped I'd be able to get that qualified manpower for the important roles of the community. Luckily we managed to get everybody back to their original roles. @Marcus. as the LSPD Chief (all our past material is still backed up), @Trench (previously known as Robert) as the LSFD Chief, @Shields as the Community Manager, @Clarkson as the Head of Player Engagement and of course our development team. I'm very happy to have those people back, and they are really good at what they do. This will let me and the development team focus purely on development, because this team can be trusted with eyes closed. Development updates Development operations To have our development team functioning properly and efficiently, we need certain services to be set up. We invested quite some time setting up our code repositories (version control), project management system, servers, etc. Those things are important for us to be able to do our work properly. Especially because all of us are real-life engineers, it was easier to get this done as we are all used to work with those standards. I've also invested time into writing documentation for our developers. It's important that we will all work as one, following the same guidelines. This makes our code scalable. Our gamemode already consists of tenths of files and tons of modules, so we need to make sure it will be able to build upon that. Our development team is very solid and professional, and you will see amazing progress and features produced by us. It was important for me to get this done before we all rush into writing code without being aligned with each other. Special thanks to @Viccie for closely monitoring those changes with me and giving his input. Thanks to @PurpleDrain as well, and welcome @HBTV to the development team! UI Overlay (user interface) This is a great feature possible in RageMP. Going a bit technical: RageMP allows us to use CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework), which is basically a "Google Chrome" browser in game. That means, we can build user interfaces using modern web technologies, and make them interact with the server. Our aim is to use this to put an end to common chat-based operations that can provide better experience in the UI. We will be using the cutting-edge front-end framework, Angular, to build beautiful, experiential user interfaces for you. Myself and @HBTV have a lot of experience with web development (apart from server development, of course). We feel very comfortable around these technologies and I promise you guys - it's worth waiting for! Hard decision affecting the release date We made a hard decision that has good effect on the release date. Talking about the UI Overlay above, we hope you're excited, because we are. However, we decided that almost any feature designed, will first be implemented as an in-game command. As an example feature, let's take the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM. Such feature will first be released as a command, say - "/atm withdraw". Some amazing UI will be released afterwards. The reasons: People want to play already. It's been 5 years since GTA V was released, and there's still no decent role play platform. We aim to be one. This decision ensures that functionality (the important part of a feature) will be available and released for you. The cosmetic parts are awesome and we love them as well, but those can be patched later. This is a strict role play server. Many of you guys are used to typing, and if not - you should. Strict role play involves quite some typing, and SA-MP has existed for over 10 years (still pumping, by the way) with mainly chat-based commands. You'll be fine (we hope). A big technical reason - if one of our UI features will be bugged (yes, that happens, code is code), you will always be able to use the command. So if you would like to withdraw money from an ATM but the UI will suddenly be bugged, you will not be completely blocked from this feature because you could easily type "/atm withdraw". This was not very easy to implement, but we promise you it's awesome. Some players prefer typing. We aim to maintain the common role play commands the same, so experienced players will feel at home. Some people would rather skip those mouse clicks and just use a command. IMPORTANT: Not all features will feature commands. Certain features such as login, character selection, character creation & customization etc. can only be implemented properly with proper user interface. We might reverse this decision if we get good developers who are able to work on the UI in parallel to game development. Game development We spent a lot of time working on the infrastructure of our game server's code base. This is super important, and it was proven to be worth it. Lots of staff discussions (and big thanks to @Viccie for pairing with me countless times in the past two weeks). Our game mode is heaven for developers, and we are proud of that. It was developed by professionals and we considered two concepts the most - scalability and modularity. The infrastructure is built so well, that when we started developing actual features, we realized how easy it is for us to rapidly work on that certain feature. This might not tell you a lot, but this is very important as it makes it easier for us to implement features. Going a bit more technical, we've implemented our own commands definition and events definition engines, taking leverage of TypeScript Decorators. We're very happy with the current state of the game mode and we are motivated to work on it. Apart from that, basic features such as login, character selection, communication commands (IC local, low, shout, OOC local, global, me, do etc) were implemented, along with admin commands and player commands. We've implemented a Roles, Permissions and States systems that are going to be used by nearly all future systems to be implemented. We've established database connections and hooked it up with our ORM (Object Relational Mapping) system. We did way more, of course. Regardless, those of you who remember - we have many features already implemented in different code base (for V:RP 2015, on a mod that was shut down by TakeTwo). Those features were implemented by myself and Jan, with the same technology we're writing the game mode for RageMP. That means many features are re-usable and that is going to save us a lot of development time. We expect to be able to show you more visual stuff in the upcoming development blogs. But trust us, we worked hard on these ones! UCP Development Who doesn't like User Control Panels? It has become a huge part of modern role play in GTA. You players don't need to log in to perform basic account operations, and our admins don't have to be in-game to make sure everything is going well. Luckily, our user control panel is still functioning from the past version of V:RP, and since we have a fully functioning UCP, we have one less thing to worry about as developers. It will be released when it's time, we promise! Recruitment We are still looking for developers and graphic designers. Although our development team is fully functioning (at a very good phase, by the way), we would love to add more developers to be able to release faster. Please take a look at the recruitment topics in the Information & Updates section. If you have a talented friend who might be interested, let him know! _________________________________________ To sum it up, we are very happy to be back. I'm personally very happy to see the whole team gathered again without missing even a single person. Our motivation is high, our codebase is great, we have all the development power needed and we can't wait to provide you with more visual updates. We are working hard, on a daily basis, to finally give you the ability to play on a decent role play platform for GTA V. Please show your support simply by leaving a comment here. That would motivate us all. If you have any questinos, feel free to ask.Thank you for reading!
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    I'd really like to see realistic illegal factions based in 2017, the 90's hype is over and the new era is just around the corner.
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    Mostly interested in FIRE/EMS and Law Enforcement based roleplay.
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    https://rage.mp/forums/topic/985-rage-multiplayer-032-announcement/ RageMP update looks amazing too, gonna be great to use this client with VRP
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    Great stuff man, good to see you here, welcome back!
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    Hey man what's up, nice to have yeh back! I remember you from the GTA:MP days, it's good to see that you're still sticking around with us Also, love the gif, big fan of that show
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    Can't really see myself dedicated to a "time demanding" kind of role play (police, active legal faction member etc). So I guess, I'll stick to development and in my free time I'll try to act as a civilian and make sure all the systems work properly?
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    Forum Rules Below is a list of rules compiled by the staff team that are in place to ensure all community members have the luxury of browsing a moderated forum. Failure to adhere to these rules can and will result in a warning, followed by an infraction and if necessary, a ban. All content that is considered inappropriate or a violation of these rules will be subsequently removed at the discretion of staff members. Avatar/Signature Guidelines Avatars: The maxium size of all avatars, both animated and non-animated, are: 150x150 (WxH). This applies to all usergroups board-wide. You may use an animated avatar, however it must be in adherence to the rules listed here. Breaching this rule directly will result in the removal of your avatar and a notification to upload a new one. Signatures: The maximum size of a signature must adhere to: 725x200 (WxH). Any images, text or other form of content that exceeds this size will result in the complete removal of your signature, followed by a notification to change it. Please remember when using a signature, the rules listed here still apply. 1. No Flaming, Insulting or Bullying You must respect one another, and treat each other with respect. If someone insults you, please do not insult them back -- simply hit the report button located at the top right hand corner of posts. This can include, but is not limited to: Racism - the act of being hatred towards another race. Sexism - the act of being hatred towards another sex. Discrimination - the act of hatred towards a persons class, group or category they may belong to in any society. Homophobia - the act of hatred or bad attitude towards lesbian, bisexual or homosexual people. 2. No Advertising Under absolutely no circumstance should you be advertising other servers, selling real life products or anything unrelated to V-RP. 3. No Derailing Threads You must not purposely post irrelevant comments on anybodies topic in an attempt to force the main objective of said thread elsewhere. If your post doesn't contribute anything to the original topic, then don't bother posting. This also includes one person, or a group of people posting continuously off-topic on someone's thread in order to "take it over." 4. No Foreign Languages This is an English community, and thus the forums are to be kept strictly English. There are foreign sections of the forum for a reason, use them if you wish to communicate in Non-English. 5. No Spamming Spamming is not allowed on these forums. Posting useless things on threads that are either irrelevant, serve no purpose or are there merely to raise your post count are all classified as spamming. This includes bumping old topics, even if it's your own -- create a new topic instead of bumping old ones. 6. No Warez Under no circumstance whatsoever should people be posting illegally obtained software and products. Nor should you be discussing such things openly on the forums. 7. No Inappropriate Videos or Pictures To put it bluntly, you should not be posting any grotesque pornography pictures or videos anywhere on these forums. The same goes for images/videos of real life murders, slaughtering of animals or anything considered grotesque and inappropriate. If you are about to post something that is somewhat grotesque, but not too severe, ensure that it is put in a spoiler and people are thoroughly warned. 8. No Backseat Moderating You are to leave moderating the forums to the forum administrators and moderators. Under no circumstance should you openly state that someone is breaking the rules on the forums, as this is classified as spam. The report button is there for a reason, so use it. 9. No Plagiarism If you are using work from another source, you must credit them if you are to post it on these forums -- given that you have permission beforehand of course. If the original owner does not want you to copy their work, do not attempt to rearrange some words or change them as we'll realize your intent. This only relates to faction threads, guides and modifications. If you're wanting to post stories taken from another source, then that's fine. Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. 10. No Public Slandering/Bashing If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, do not say it. This is predominantly orientated around the faction/graphics/guides sections of the forum. If you wish to bring something up that's inappropriate or of the like, take it to personal messages -- but at your own risk. All bashing and slandering will be met with a warning, followed by more severe punishment if the behavior continues. 12. Deleting Faction Material V-RP will not, under any circumstances, delete faction material that has been posted in the faction subsections, Government, Legal or Illegal, or faction material which has been posted on the private faction forums of the government forums etc. Upon posting faction material, it becomes the property of the individual faction and V-RP. If the material creator requests the material to be deleted, the V-RP Staff Team reserves the right to honor or deny such request on a case to case basis. Deleting your own created faction material, or the work of others, upon leaving the faction without approval of the V-RP Staff Team or the explicit permission of the faction owner will result in a 7 day forum ban and an OOC blacklist from the faction.
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    List of Staff Members: Management @Fright - Head of Game, UI & Web Development @Shields - Community Manager Development Team @Viccie - Lead Game & Web Developer @PurpleDrain - Game Developer @RanST - Game & UI Developer @HBTV - Graphic Designer & UI Developer @Jan - Head of Development Operations & Solutions Consultant Game Administrators @Kellerman - General Administrator @Clarkson - Head of Player Experience @Marcus. - General Administrator Unassigned Staff Member @Trench @Adero
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    LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT "TO SERVE & TO PROTECT" WRITTEN BY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE. ©2015 COMPILED AND APPROVED BY CHIEF OF POLICE MARCUS T.G. HOFFMAN DISCLAIMER: THIS THREAD CONSISTS OF OOC INFORMATION; THIS IS NOT A FACTION THREAD. INTRODUCTION This document, herein referred to as PUBLICATION #0001, shall serve as an insight into the City of Los Santos Police Department. Information within PUBLICATION #0001 has been authorized for public disclosure as per compilation order of the Chief of Police. Terminology: The Department - Refers to the municipal police department of Los Santos, the City of Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Document - Refers to a file written and approved by staff of the Department. Staff Officers - Any Officer above the rank of Captain FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions The City of Los Santos Police Department is the most prominent law enforcement agency within the State of San Andreas and one of the largest police departments of the United States of America. Whilst the Department has the main jurisdiction over the city of Los Santos, the Governor of the State has also issued the LSPD the permit to enforce the law within all counties and incorporated cities of Los Santos. Thus making the Los Santos Police the main law enforcement agency in the state. The Department's motto "To Serve and To Protect" is identical with the Los Angeles Police Department, which the LSPD has a close connections with. OVERVIEW OF THE DEPARTMENT'S ORGANIZATION *The roman letters in front of the Office/Bureau names signify their hierarchy level within the Department. I. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE Chief of Police Chief of Staff Chief of Operations Chief of Detectives Internal Affairs Group Media Relations and Community Affairs Group | II. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF OPERATIONS Chief of Operations Operations Central Bureau Operations South-West Bureau Operations North-East Bureau Director of Special Operations Special Operations Bureau Air Support Division Marine Support Division Metropolitan Division | II. DETECTIVE BUREAU Chief of Detectives Detective Support and VICE Division Gangs and Narcotics Division Robbery and Homicide Division | II. PERSONNEL AND TRAINING BUREAU Chief of Staff Recruitment and Employment Division Training Division FAQ: Q: Who is the current Chief of Police? A: Chief of Police Marcus Hoffman has been appointed as Acting (Interim) Chief of Police of the City of Los Santos Police Department. Q: Who are the current members of the Los Santos Police Department? A: The list of all current members is confidential and will not be released pre-server release. Any questions or concerns can and shall be forwarded to Marcus. on the forum. Q: How many ranks will the Department have? A: Eighteen (18), ranks have currently been established. Staff Officers are currently deliberating whether we should employ non-sworn staff as well. Q: What are your goals with this faction? A: Our goal is to create the best and most realistic replica of the Los Angeles Police Department to ever exist. Q: When can we expect a recruitment drive or the opening of the Department? A: We will release information regarding this when the time comes. However shall we not be able to hold a pre-server release recruitment drive (3 to 4 weeks before the launch), we will most likely open a recruitment drive shortly before the server launch (2 to 4 days before). Q: Is there a rank cap? A: Yes there is, once the faction is officially open to the public, members of the faction will have access to this information and will be made aware of these caps. The caps have been based upon the foundation of a democratic vote. In short this means, there can never be the same amount of yes and no votes when it comes to decisions effecting the Department as a whole. It will always be either a yes or a no. Q: Recruitment Questionnaire A: Due to the recent spikes of interest in the faction, the several questions and answers regarding recruitment have been summarized and will be answered below. The City of Los Santos Police Department has ceased recruiting staff actively for the time being, our team for the "planning/pre-server launch phase" is filled and we will not be looking into expanding it at any time soon. The individuals who have been elected and invited to join and help with this crucial phase have been handpicked by the Chief of Police and in cooperation with the server management, verifying their integrity and trustworthiness. It will be explicitly stated here: We are not looking into adding anyone anymore until the launch of the server. Please refrain from asking the current Chief of Police or any of the staff involved in this project, if you are eligible for invitation or not. The individuals currently working on the project have been given temporary assignments within the departmental organization and hierarchy, these as well as the ranking are subject to change at any time. Our staff has discussed the possibility of a pre-server launch recruitment drive and after deliberations we came to a positive conclusion. Once we have information regarding the server launch we will be preparing a system to staff the faction up appropriately. The moment we are aware of a timeframe for the server release, selected individuals will be approached and invited to join the department, through the usual process of preliminary application phase and academy phase. Upon completion they will be given a temporary assignment and will be evaluated on a weekly base. These invitations will be sent by Marcus. on the forums and only from that account to avoid confusion and minimize the risk of fake invites. Please avoid bothering staff of the faction regarding these issues, if we have interest in you joining our ranks in the pre-server launch phase (1 to 4 weeks before launch) you will be invited. We are monitoring everyone who voiced their interested in the department on a constant base. Previous experience on other roleplay servers is certainly beneficial however not a requirement in joining the faction, as the approach will differ from any MTA or SA-MP based police department thus making the experience itself unique. More information regarding the topic of recruitment will be released when the server is nearing release. Thank you for your understanding. ---------------------------- If you have any further questions that have not been included in the FAQ, you can post those below or send them via Private Message to me. However please take note of: I will not be answering questions regarding positions in the Department. If you are interested in joining, please wait for an official announcement to send me your resumeè. I will take opportunity here to add a personal note, I have received a multitude of PMs and Teamspeak queries regarding the topic of recruitment. As stated in FAQ, our faction is currently considered "full". I have put all efforts in motion to only select the best candidates for the positions they have been assigned, due to constraints in matters of organization and activity I personally, nor anyone from the current team, is looking into accepting anymore people at the current moment in time. I try my best to answer all the requests and questions in a timely manner however, sometimes this is not possible for me. At this point I would also like to add that it is not recommended, and never was, to inquire me about a position in the department whether that should be on Teamspeak or on the forums. Especially now that our positions have been filled, please understand I will not be answering recruitment requests anymore. It might seem harsh however, we strongly believe that when reading through this thread especially now in the updated version it should be bluntly obvious that we are simply not looking into adding anyone and that this is a definite answer to the question "Can I join right now?", regardless of their status within the community of V-RP. Best regards, CHIEF OF POLICE MARCUS T.G. HOFFMAN (MARCUS.) CITY OF LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT STAFF OFFICERS
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    @changooman Yea man I would love too but don't know if I'll have enough free time.
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    Howdy! My name is Robert, I'm from Oslo Norway. I'm currently a tester here at V:RP and the faction leader of Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD). I'm 25 years old and i work as a EMT/Paramedic here in Norway. I also have a Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) that is only 6 months old. I've included a picture below for some cuteness.